Monday, September 23, 2013

Editorial assignment sketch

This is the final sketch.
 I used monopoly to explore the idea of "U.S has more prisoners than any other countries". Because the reproduction one will be very small, I didn't do the very detail job for the people. Instead, I made people into very simple shapes.

Amy Ryu

P.S: The image get cropped on the blog page, so please click the image to see the full image.
p.S2: another final sketch.

1 comment:

  1. Your instinct to make your figures simple shapes for the sake of reproduction integrity is spot on. It's clear that even though they are without detail these figures/game pieces stand in for people, so good job. Whether or not it was intentional, this is a pretty humorous but dark take on the game board cliché that is somewhat prevalent among editorial illustration (especially those relating to politics and law). It's witty. Although the flag falls nicely in the layout of this sketch, you should find a different way to indicate that these are American jails we're talking about -- you could make the boarder surrounding "In Jail" stars and stripes, or even the center area of the board. Either way, the flag in it's current iteration is distracting from this otherwise clever illustration.