Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Black and White Editorial" Final Sketch

This is my final sketch for the Constitution Day editorial assignment. After researching the hunger strike further, I found out that while the UN considers 15+ days of solitary confinement to be tortue, California state prisons have held some prisoners in solitary confinement for 10-40+ years, which I wanted to focus on. I may or may not change the amount/size of tally marks along the walls based on how it reads when the size is reduced in a photocopy.

1 comment:

  1. This is a well-executed sketch and a strong concept. The only real concern I have is the justification of the "star" section of what appears to make up an American flag. While the tally marks fall within stripes that seem somewhat justified as the texture of the wall, there is no apparent reason for the star section, which could subsequently feel slapped on after inking. I'm not opposed to it entirely, but perhaps find a way to describe that particular section of the flag also using tally marks so that it feels more integrated with the illustration and less of an afterthought.