Monday, September 23, 2013

Map Research

For my project I plan to create a map on the best places in Baltimore to moon gaze. So I've been visiting places these past two weekends instead of just Saturday. I also had to plan my visits according the weather (cloudy nights/clear skies) and the phases of the moon. Last weekend I went to the Inner Harbor and the Maryland Science Center. I went into the observatory and got to look at the moon, stars, and some planets. It was absolutely beautiful and really interesting to see such a close view of the moon. One of the telescopes we looked into was the same power that Galileo used. I also learned many interesting facts about the moon, such as the moon is closet to you when it is above you rather than moonrise. I had never been to an observatory so it was definitely a worthwhile and new experience. It was also basically impossible to sketch in there, also I will have more sketches once I finish going to all the locations. This past weekend I went to Federal Hill Park and had the best view of the moon. I saw the Harvest Moon, without even planning it. I also didn't realize Federal Hill is literally right next to the Inner Harbor so I could have walked there last weekend. I plan to visit Robert E. Lee Park and Druid Hill Park this weekend. I'm trying to visit places with various atmospheres and also spread out around Baltimore. I want to find a good mixture of public and low key areas. Please feel free to give suggestions on places I can go to!


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