Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black and White Editorial Sketch

In the Constitution Day Speech, someone told that the strict law has a side effect: The law produces more crimes than protect people from the crimes. He mentioned that prohibiting the usage of Drug is not a perfect solution. I wanted to illustrate the shadows always accompany with the light that implies the Crimes and Laws which tried to make Crimes stop. I think a beautiful and innocent thing can be affected negatively by the strict laws.

1 comment:

  1. The first thing I notice is that this sketch is not the proper spec size. If a final sketch does not fulfill the spec requirements, it's challenging to visualize it in the context of a publication spread (which is part of the art directors job), in which case another illustrator would probably be hired and you would be let go. This is just a fact of the industry. Please do recall that the assignment sheet specified the final sketch should be 5" x 5." Moving on, the concept is interesting but there is way too much going on in this sketch, especially for an illustration that's meant to run at 2.5." Return to your interesting initial idea of how enforcing drug usage laws perpetuates drug related crimes and find a simpler way to render it. You may want to experiment with less literal ways of bringing this concept to life.