Monday, September 23, 2013

Baltimore Hampden Map Reaearch

My location for this illustrated map assignment is based on Hampden. It is famous for it's Honfest, which is the annual sprng street festival and the starring of John's Water's film on 36th Street. It is also known as the Avenue. I really like this middle town of north Baltimore; you could basically find all the original, vintage shops, and cosy cafe and restaurants in the neighbourhood. I would highly reccommend people who likes collecting funky and old stuff to visit this place because there's more than 20 little shops that sell different kinds of unexpected items you've ever seen. Although it is a long 10 mins wall from West Mulberry light rail station, you can always take the MICA shuttle to get there, very safe and efficient! I was caught browsing in one of the shops called, TROVE, which is absolutely worthy of my time because I ended up buying a big bag of cute accessories and furniture decors. Successful shopping. The prices are decent and could go as cheap as you bargin with the shop owner! 

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