Monday, September 23, 2013

Map Research

For my research, I spent a day in Hampden and another day around Inner Harbor and Fells Point. I want to focus my map on a "sweet" Baltimore, so I visited some candy stores, ice cream/gelato stores, bakeries, etc. while I was out, focusing on finding ones that seemed unique/interesting. In Hampden, I found a store that sold shoes and chocolates, as well as an ice cream shop that sold Old Bay caramel ice cream & a small cafe. While I was at Inner Harbor and Fells Point, I visited a candy/ice cream store, an Italian pastry store in Little Italy, some ice cream and gelato stores, and I also stopped by a cake/cupcake shop on Cathedral Street on the way back. Most of these stores were very cute and had a fairly relaxed atmosphere. It was pretty enjoyable wandering around these areas and finding new things, especially some of the quirkier stores. I found a few other places to check out while researching online that I haven't managed to visit yet (they were a bit further away/transportation was a little more complicated), so I'll be going to those at a later date.

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