Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bars & Stripes sketches

Thumbnails (and Rough #1):

Rough #2:


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  1. This is a strong concept. I'm particularly pleased with your use of silhouetting for the foreground chained figures, as well as the inclusion of the picket fence, which is a simple and universally understood way to imply "white suburban America" without giving away too much. The layout is also strong, but the figure coming out on the right side of the panel should either come out further or be nixed fully; it's awkward. Also, the smile on the "dad" is really working for me. It enhances the divide between the two groups represented in this piece. I'd like to see similarly decisive expressions on the remaining three figures. I also appreciate the 1950's feel of what the family is wearing, so run with that but don't get too caught up in the details of their attire; keeping the focus on the layout and the silhouetted figures is what will make this illustration especially powerful.