Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map Research

I ran down to Hampden with Soojin and checked out Atomic Comics first. It was really nice, they had a bunch of really good graphic novels. They also had a bunch of really cute trinkets and a lot of them were sweet themed. We checked out the odd unremarkable hipster-y thrift store and got lunch at Café Hon. The veggie burger was nice but it was ridiculously big. I hear their pastries are pretty good, I need to go back and check it out again. 

We went to Ma Petite Shoe and they had some really fancy chocolate. I got a piece (for research purposes, of course) and it’s very nice. I stopped by Choux because it caught my eye while we left Ma Petite Shoe and oh my goodness it is such a nice little café. They had delicious homemade pumpkin spice syrup and some fancy cake-slice-shaped pieces of quiche. The lady behind the counter is a sweetie and the sweets are great. 
We checked out the Charmery and they had excellent salted caramel ice cream. Their main selling points are the magical temperature-color-changing spoons and their old bay caramel ice cream. I wasn’t brave enough to taste test that flavor but I’m sure it’s delicious? I got one of those penis lollipops from Sugar next. It’s not too remarkable as far as flavor goes but the novelty of it is fun enough. We took the light rail to the inner harbor and ran around itssugar. They have a wonderful candy selection but they carry some weird stuff like mac n cheese lip balm and candy underwear and glittery mini-flasks. The best thing about the store is the little gelato place to the far right. Their violet gelato tastes like princesses and diabetes, it’s fantastic. 

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