Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steven johnson trip

Here is some chorus to help you visualize the song by lynyrd skynyrd call needle and a spoon
It was the needle and the spoon
And a trip to the moon
Took me away, took me away

Quit the needle. Quit the spoon
Quit the trip to the moon
We gonna take you away. Lord, we gonna take you away

Don't mess with the needle or a spoon
Or any trip to the moon
It'll take you away

Im sure color will aid in the trippyness of it all. planning on using water color and color pencil or just water color and ink


  1. Interesting narrative, I like.

    I definitely think this could turn out really well with the watercolors and ink, i think it would give it a nice feel. The only thing that bothers me is that the middle image doesn't seem to quite 'fit'. I understand since he's on drugs things are going to be distorted and trippy and much more vivid though i think it would flow better if the guy was actually a visible part in the composition or really push the weirdness and distortion. Also you've tied in the little swirls in the last image and the middle image nicely, but the background is unaddressed in the first one. What are you planning on doing there?

  2. Dude this would be awesome in color but the only thing is that you might want to put something in the middle one so that it registers as his drug induce haluncenation. Other then that, they work, great together and as individual pieces.

  3. Great concept man. Simplicity is key and I think you nailed it here. Like everyone else has said so far, I think you could use some really interesting colors on yours and make this image really pop, especially that middle panel. The triptych really creates an up and down mood. If I would change something, maybe perhaps add something to the bottom right corner of the last panel cause there is a lot of empty space? Or add something (like a poster) to the wall? Good job.

  4. great piece dude. im thinking you should make the background dark for the first panel and give it a chariascuro (im probably spelling that wrong) effect, especially with the candel. a sense of environment would add to the context that he is using heroine. Im glad the the middle panel feels disconnected from the other 2, i think it adds to the humor (if you find this scenario funny) of the third panel in its stark difference.

  5. i really like the concept of this piece. Knowing the lyrics really helps the piece to be readable. good job!

  6. Awesome piece! I think the swirls connecting the second and third panels are enough.

  7. Very well executed piece.
    concepts good, narrative is good
    drawings are good as well.
    although your drawings do tend to get flat in a lot of areas
    but thats probably the look you are going for.
    not much to say on this one,
    but i cant wait to see how it turns out.

  8. This is really good! The face in the first part is very well drawn and rendered. I love the swirls in the second and third panels, too. I do wish there was more of a story to the piece, but since you chose to illustrate a song I guess you can't really tell that much of a story from that particular one. Good job!

  9. color is definitely going to add a lot to these. please keep that texture on the asphalt in the last panel! it looks great. i agree with those who said that the middle panel is lacking that something to make it cohesive with the other two drawings, but again, color can really help there!

  10. really digging the last two panels, what youre doing with those swirls in great, really soft, brings a lot of movement. The second one in particular has so great perspective and shading. I think the one place you really need to focus a little more is the guys face. he is kind of leaning towards cross eyed. And the flame, along with how the light would be affected by it.

  11. You could get this is boys life or a D.A.R.E. pamphlet. It's showing both sides of the coin, but most kids would think that passing out in a gutter to be a pretty scary scenario.

    It being such a real world scenario, I think pushing the realism in rendering would benefit you greatly. Take it as far as you can towards what it really is.

    Good perspectives, interesting use of space, nice start.

  12. I think this will take to color well, and it will add more to the narrative with it. Without the chorus, it is still understandable, it was able to stand alone without the text.
    The lighting is something that will probably give them an extra punch, how the light of the flame would fall on the spoon and man's face for example (which I feel his eyes might need a little more focus).
    The last frame is my favorite. The depth, textures, and value make it really great. Is the swirl graffiti? I don't know really what it is at the moment, but I love the idea.

  13. everything is rendered nicely. i think you captured the song perfectly. (i really like that song btw)the narative is clear and powerful. the lighting in the first panel could be more intense. if the character is between buildings it should be darker, and the light sourse would come from the flame heating the spoon...i think.

  14. this is one of the most readable narratives I think.

    your comments about color worry me a little. don't make it too trippy or it won't be sad enough.

    I think that last panel is going to be all about texture to get the mood right.

    the sidewalk looks too clean.

  15. So, I know posting Lynyrd Skynyrd lyrics on a class blog is awesome and everything, but i really didn't even need them to understand the narrative. You really did a great job of communicating those few lines pictorially, and the trip to the moon is awwweeesome.

    But in all seriousness there are two things that really bug me out about this piece. The first being that the wrinkles in the fabric in the first panel look way too faked. Some good old direct observation could clear that up though. The other thing, which is more important, is that the first panel seems to have no aesthetic relation to the second, only content. I really enjoy how in the third panel there is elements of both the first two panels, and i think you should maybe bring that into the first panel.

    P.S. You better make the trip to the moon have the most ridiculous colors ever, while still looking under your artistic control.