Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poster Rough Sketch- The Zutons

Im doing a linoleum print of this so the sketch is pretty simple compared to what I want the final outcome to be. There will be a lot more detail in the finished product than here but this is the basic look of it. The band is The Zutons, they are always displayed as robots or something to do with robots so I thought I'd stick to that theme. It's supposed to be them in a giant robot thing taking over the world. I think I'm actually going to take out the ice, the eiffel tower and the city. The land masses are going to be very 3 dimensional, really sitting ontop of the water. I'm just using black ink for the print then I'm filling in a lot of the space with watercolor. That's where I hope to get a lot of movement in all the currently empty space. I'd really appriciate some feed back as I would like to go ahead and move forward with the printing process. Thanks :)


  1. I love the images, but I think the band's name should be larger. Perhaps "The Zutons" and "World Tour" could be switched?

  2. kat-- i agree with alli; my first thought was "she left out The Zutons" (shouldnt take long to find the band name!). Beyond that, i think the font in general could be clearer and more "on purpose". Since you're doing a print of this, you'll have some hurdles with the text anyway, so dont make anything TOO small! also, how will you incorporate color? reductive print or painting it afterward? remember it IS a color project, so that can't appear to be an after thought. otherwise, i like the concept, but think you could clarify a bit of the images... consistent style and easier to read elements. *dana