Tuesday, October 13, 2009

band poster

Ok so my band is IL DIVO. they're an international pop group, whose producer is simon cowell of all people. They sing in french, italian, english, and i think german too. Well they give off an italian vibe, epecially their name so this hopefully should look like an aerial view of a canal in venice. Im thinking i'll add more details, like draw out some bricks in the buildings, and just add more props overall

1 comment:

  1. jon--- nice concept! remember though that this is for a POSTER (as opposed to a cd cover) and that you want the band name to be visible & not competing too much for attention with the image, since you are either using it to get a potential concert-goer's attention or to remember that show, if you were a concer goer. Find a really nice serif and use that, so the lettering isn't too shaky or unfirm. *dana