Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Alright. Here's my Band.

They're called the new pornographers. I've downloaded like 75% of their discography and have discovered they're an upbeat, sort of poppy indie band that has a slight electronic feel (however their latest album supposedly loses that, i still need to acquire that though.)

Since they deal with a lot of iconic imagery I wanted to incorporate that sort of feel and use this classic image of the earth from the moon for the world tour

And make it sort of like their first album by having something a little bit 'sexy'
I wanted it to look a little sleazy and weird, but so far it just looks my regular style only the figures happen to be sexual. I also don't know if I pushed this too far or not, i think it's pushin' it. Lastly I want to throw in a 'twin cinema' reference and add a video camera on a tripod in the background but I think that might be reaaaally too much. And yes it's crappily drawn right not but the image above is supposed to be the background of my sketch.

Also the final will not be pink or stylized this annoyingly. It will probably be flat color and limited palette much like their recent album. And I have NO IDEA what to do for the type. At all.

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  1. chelsea-- i edited your post a little bc the images were corrupt and weren't posting and your sketch wasnt showing up bc of it. anyway, i appreciate all of the research that went into this design, but im thinking its too... Too. I understand you are pulling for various albums, but the end result puts way too much emphasis on "sex" which isnt what their music is about and its not (despite the word Pornographer) what the band represents. I think for fans of their music it would like like you HADN'T done any research, which would be the complete opposite of what you did! i propose you re-work it. perhaps, no figures at all (which would also challenge you to get away from the "go-to" style of yours). Also, even tho this is just a rough sketch, you have almost no consideration for the font/ lettering/ lay out, which is what this project is really all about. why not scrap this basic idea and try a new take? *dana