Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Emily Cudworth


  1. You have done a very good job of creating a universal look for this triptych. There's a very fantasy fairy taleish look about this piece and its very convincing. It comes through in the clothes the characters wear, their hair, the anatomy, even the way the trees stand in the forest there walking through.

    I think you could have made the narrative more clear. After staring at this piece for a while this is what i understood the narrative to be

    begining: couple walking through a forest. and the woman magicaly begins to disappear the man notices this and is surprised.

    Middle: They say there good byes and are very saddened.

    End: The man is so saddened that he is weeping on his knees in front of his door...
    but the woman is still behind him? where did the door come from?
    Im very confused on this one but i do enjoy the over all look.

    if they are walking home to a huge home with pillars and fancy doors, maybe have a fence long the side or a more pronounced walk way. The end gave me more questions than answers in your piece so
    thats what i would focus on reworking.

  2. I'm probably going to get clobbered for this, but the woman really looks like Meg from Disney's Hercules, so I would consider making her hair or dress different. The two people look like they come from different time periods, I'm not sure if that's what you were going for or not.

    Also, the last panel kind of reinforced my idea about the Hercules movie because the column is so Greek looking.

    I do love the compositions and I would try to stick with them.

  3. i like the strength and consistency of your characters, they seem to change very little from panel to panel, which is good. the compositions in the first two are very strong, but i'm not sure i love the third. the perspective in that scene seems a little skewed, and it seems like the column is the most important thing in that panel.

  4. These pieces have a very fairy tale feel to them. The only thing that seems a little awkward to me is the hand in the middle slide. It looks twisted in the wrong direction

  5. hah, she does look like meg from hercules, good disney movie btw, thank god they havent made a sequel to it (yet). I do like that her body is smokey and wraithlike, i immediately realized that she was otherworldly and thats why the dude was sadly forced to leave her. The last panel is ambiguous though. Is it a magic portal leaving a magic forest or is he at home like mohamed said and the forest is still in his mind and so is the girl. Also in your final piece, i think it would look better if a little bit more of the girl's body fit into the frame, at least the back of her shoulder and have her arm falling out of the frame.

  6. Im getting this, he is kind of a crazy person who lost his true love and is walking/interacting with his own memory. Is she dead?

    Along with everybody else, the last panel leaves me wanting more answers. It works with my theory, which if true, she would need a bit more death about her. (Ghostliness)

    I would have liked to see more value so as to clarify this and many other questions. You do seem to have a nice flow through the panels/ characters no matter how Hercules they may be.

  7. i like how you were able to keep the characters the same through out each frame but im confused on weather that is her dress or she is poofing/ just like appearing there, just a little lost on the narrative

  8. I get a feeling of unrequited love here, especially that last panel. The character design is great... there's a fairytale quality to it all. I think the second panel is the strongest in terms of conveying an emotion.

    I would change the last panel though. It feels a bit too pulled back. The size of the characters feel too small, especially the man. Maybe play with the girls position more. She seems to stagnant standing there. Other than that, I would change the girls hand in the second panel and the perspective of the window on the third. Give it a bit more dimensionality.

  9. the figures poses need some work, try working with a model or looking in a mirror for things like the hands. They are also dancing on the anime line, just be careful. I really like the backgrounds a lot though, the lines help to break up the composition in a nice way. try to use some more shading as well

  10. ok, that dude is way feminine looking. he looks like a final fantasy character.

    it's really strange because it looks like just a dialogue scene where all the dialogue us taken out.

    this is how the story reads to me:
    1. guy and girl are walking in the woods
    2. guy and girl both get sad for some reason.
    3. guy gets down on his knees and starts stroking a door, which I guess frustrates the girl?

    also, the capital goes at the top of a column, not the bottom. yours is upside down.

    nice costume design.

  11. These drawings are very spare of value, but i enjoy the flat space that they setup; i can imagine some really cool gauche flats in this piece. If you don't like that flatness however, then you really need to clear up the values and add more differentiation in marks.

    My Big problem with this triptych, is that i just can not read the story. There does not seem to be a large enough of a narrative leap between the first and second panel, which sets up for a really ambiguous third panel. I have no idea what he is doing at the door. I really suggest making the third panel the second and to really clear up the narrative with new third panel.

    p.s. I like the upside down column just because of the comical juxtaposition of the happy mistake with the very sad figure. Or, I could also read it as symbolic for this man's world has been turned upside down.

  12. I think the style definitely works, there's a nice 'fairy tale' feel to it, like people have said. The characters are cute though I agree i'm rather confused at what is going on. I understand they have some sort of bond but I'm unsure what sort of 'issue' they are having. I get the vibe the girl is not letting the guy close to her which is upsetting the guy, but in that case, why is he sticking around? I think the 'feel' of the peices are nice, the story is just kind of unclear.