Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clem Snide - Rough Sketch

My current idea is to have a bunch of different sized books floating in the air, with string that has been tied through their centers, that hangs down and is tied to an object that reflects the concept of the individual book.

Each book will have some sort of cover design that alludes to its purpose. There will be two books out of the bunch whose covers will attract special attention, using color combination or other means. These two books will be "Clem Snide" and "World Tour."

This piece will be more concerned with correct anatomical structure compared to the triptych project.

Mitchell Goodrich

1 comment:

  1. mitchell-- interesting concept. certainly one i could see working for the band. i'd be careful about the size & visual importance of the books though--- clem snide shouldnt get lost in all of that. you might want to play with the point of view and forced perspective. perhaps we could be looking down on the scene and see the clem snide book closer to us. *dana