Tuesday, October 13, 2009

band poster

I thought the final sketch of this was due, so this is actually pretty much done. I used Alabama's actual logo, but added all the filigree around it, and the stars. The colors of this are going to be fairly flat, and I am going to use this sketch for the base of my overpainting, which will be in goache. there's gonna be a lot of red, white and blue. this is one damn american band.


  1. Me likey.. is it just me or does that look like Christian Bale on the far right.

  2. emma--- very confident text (though, you benefitted from a very confident, very old & very recognizable, established band's logo)--- since you have that much essentially "given" to you, you'll need to work doubly hard to make the "you" part of it more your own. i like the rendering of the guys' faces (even christian bale), but their bodies are awkward, feel crammed in and are all a little misshapen/ oddle proportioned. this isnt entirely dissimilar to album covers and press pics that they have out in the world (i know the photo this came from), so if the idea is to have their faces be "real" and their bodies be "graphic" the drawing of the bodies has to be undeniably GOOD, accurate and clean. yes? check Christian's arm, for example.. its stumpy. *dana