Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sophmore Illustration 1 Edited Pieces

8" x 8" Sumi Ink, Gouache, Acylic

This is the redone piece for the Baltimore Scholarship article. I added the shadow on the ground this time around... hopefully it makes the characters pop more and more weighted onto the plane.

9" x 4.5" Acrylic & Watercolor

Another spot illustration for an editorial using onomatopoetic words. The 3 words issued for me were "rip, crunch, poof". So I catered this to the Travel Magazine. So in this case, there is a man ripping a bag of potato chips, with the man next to him crunching a can and asking for one more can while the stewardess comes down the aisle ready to serve him his icy cold beverage. Poof, I guess?

5" x 7" Sumi Ink

Again another spot illustration for our cookie fortune assignment. Mine read "You are almost there".

Here is the inside cover to my visual journal. The phrase I got was "Inside you, boy, there's an old man sleeping". As I was finishing up the piece one day, the light was shining in my room in a particular way that cast some interesting lighting on the gent.

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  1. awsome picture with the light from the window bro, and the illstrations are nice by the way lol