Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Band Poster - Honor Society (rough sketch)


  1. I love the men holding the torches, they look really awesome! I think you could work on the central figure a little more. Her hands look good, but her face seems odd to me for some reason, but I can't pinpoint what about it makes it feel off.

  2. michael-- i dont know this band, so i dont know what the narrative here is, or how its relevant to the band, but the image is sort of creepy. i think the guys with the torches and the girl dont look like they "live" in the same world. something IS off about her (or them); i dont know what to expect from the environment or the color, but that will affect a lot of how this is read. is she praying? is this dark music? is she afraid or divine? her eyes are a little large and oddly shifted. about the words-- great font, i think it'll look good when rendered with confidence. "world tour" should be a thing that the band is doing, not a thing presenting the band ... the only words should be Honor Society World Tour. that might affect your layout. *dana