Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zach Galifianakis

Digital 11" x 17"

Digital 11" x 17"

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  1. autumn-- these are near perfection!
    the portrait is gorgeous and totally professional and print ready. the only part im having a hard time with it right at his chin where it hits the neck, in the center-- that white spot sorta washes out the lower bit of his face-- could you add a shadow under the chin instead? and maybe re-work the way the head is connected to the neck? (look at the left side00 the collar looks awkward for the width of his neck).

    the caricature is adorable and really nicely done. the only thing to consider is the color of the orange background relative to the little dude in the yellow slicker on the ground-- he's getting washed out. maybe a slightly deeper orange, or a little bit of a shadow on the "ground"/ indicating a small horizon line might help?