Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Redesign of Maryland License Plates

For the semester-long project, I’m redesigning the Maryland state background scene plates. The current two can be seen here.

I’m focusing on Baltimore-area scenes and ideas. Over the weekend I went to the Inner Harbor, as well as walked around Mount Vernon to get ideas. This is the (current) list of the plates I would like to design:
1.     Edgar Allan Poe- His grave and the Poe Toaster (I still need to get to Poe’s grave to get a reference photo)
2.     CRABS!!- specifically blue
3.     The Aquarium and/or Tall Ships
4.     Brown Building and the Rainbow Bridge (come on don’t we deserve our own special plates?)
5.     Baltimore Washington Monument
6.      Baltimore Oriole- the bird and I would like to find a way to combine it with the Baltimore Oriole logo as well to show the connection
7.     Combine the state flower (Black-eyed Susan) and state insect (Baltimore Checkerspot Butterly)- I want to go to the Walters this week and see if they have a specimen of the butterfly I could use for reference instead of sitting around and hoping to spot one.

Not going to post all of the photos I took, but I'll post a couple.

This is in The Gallery mall, and I thought it would be a good jumping-off point for the crab-based license plate.
Ship from the Inner Harbor.

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