Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Caricature/Portrait Tim Burton

Watercolor and Prismacolor pencil

Watercolor and Prismacolor pencil
Morgan Bickmore


  1. morgan- these are AWESOME!! the caricature is near perfection. love it. and I love all the details you give a fan to find. If anything, you might think of ways to sneak in a few more! the portrait is really clear and honest. The only thing I'd say is maybe take an objective look at it here on the screen and look at the color relationships-- his hair, near the part, might be a little too light (is it meant to be lightness, like from a light source, or grey hair?) I'd clarify that and maybe add more detail/texture-- pull out a few pieces of hair to paint in more detail. I think it goes a little too flat too quickly, up against the flat background. Also, the play between his coat and the swirl in the background. I'd up the contrast some. The glasses also read as a tie at first (2nd and 3rd) glance; can we play with those a little too? Love the cufflinks!

    1. Danamarie- Thanks so much! I defiantly think that that would be possible, it defiantly felt like it needed something more and I just couldn't put my finger on it.