Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talia's Caricature and Portrait (Explanation Inside)

Talia was having some technical difficulties with the blog so I agreed to let her upload her work on my account this time.

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  1. Thank you, Valerie.

    Talia-- the "difficulties" are coming from you not being a blog member yet-- there is still an outstanding (and now expired) invite out there. It's been sent at least twice, to the email address you provided. In class next week, I'll have you enter it yourself & then check your email on the spot and accept the invitation. That's why we kept asking you all to check & be sure you had access, since you needed it for tonight (and other assignments in the future).

    The caricature is great-- very clear. very easy to understand and its humorous, so it works on all the levels its meant to!

    the portrait is a little trickier though-- I think once you know who its supposed to be, the portrait is recognizable as kunis, but its not the first thing that comes to mind. I think the line work in the center of the nose is part of it-- it reads less like a bridge and more like its "inside" (not on top) & is confusing the facial structure.

    I know what you were pulling the design from, but in the context of the image, it doesnt read as an award (and we don't necessarily know much about what the award is or why its with her)-- with it in front of her like that it takes more center stage than she does.
    The lack of color is also tricky here-- its making the piece feel conflicted because it reads somber/drained but she seems happy. You might want to rework it with the award being a design element in the background if she isnt actually going to hold it, for example.