Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visit to the humane society

For my visit to the humane society I met with the coordinator, Wendy. After e-mailing her back and forth, and talking with her on the phone, we discussed what needed to be on the t-shirt, and the ultimate re-branding process of the humane society.

The Problem: To create a T-Shirt design that is up to modernized standards, but also incorporates the already existing logo of the humane society. T-Shirt must be 4 colors, to be printed on white. Back will be black and white.

So, I sent Wendy a various amount of sketches, shown below are two:

From here she decided she liked the idea of the animals being in the heart. From here I decided to go in that direction but also make the animals have their own style to be able to brand the humane society further. In the final design (shown below) the animals incorporate the type of food they are known to eat (fish, carrot, bone.) The design is sent in black and white to then decide on a color palette once approved. Colors incorporated must be royal blue and grass green, the other two colors are of my choosing. 

After sending 20 different color choices the final colors were decided on:

The back of the t-shirt will then be decided after numerous variations have been made. Once the shirt is completed, the web-designing process begins.

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