Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today worked on gathering more specific information on locations I am planning on visiting these locations this weekend. I also split up the day and worked on my homework for my Game/play class as well as my Painting as illustration class:
Researching locations:

Cardinal Gibbson School:
3225 Wilkens Ave. Baltimore, Maryland
Was once St. Mary's Industrial reform School for boys, Babe Ruth attended St. Mary's.
Lights in the Gym are said to turn on by themselves as well as balls bouncing, some people believe that Babe Ruth haunts it.

Robert Long house:
 812 South Ann Street, Baltimore, 
Robert long moved to the Fells point area and built the house around 1765. The activity related to this house includes a female apparition in the front parlor, workers and visitors report a feeling of being touched. There is also a story from the director of the Preservation Society having answered a knocked late at night and was met by five sailors who looked like they had drowned and beckoned for her to join them.
* Contact the Preservation Society

Fort McHenry:

Apperitions of soldiers as though on Guard duty, some belive that it is the spirit of Lt. Levi Claggett or of William Williams an escaped slave both who died in the Battle of Fort McHenry

Gardens of Faith
5598 trumps mill road baltimore
A woman that wanders the cemetery at night it is said she watches over the cemetery, There is likewise a man who is said to rise from his grave and stays around all day.

Still to look up:
Gridiron Club
Old Hutzlers

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