Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jack White Caricature & Portrait

Ink pens & Watercolor

Scanned linework colored in Photoshop


  1. ryan--

    these look so much better! good job.

    the caricature is dancing a little too close to the edge on the bottom and left side, though-- his toe and part of the cord are in what's known as the bleed-- in the future, you'd want to leave at least a 1/4 inch of space between the art and the clean white border that is still the artwork (so the shadow is fine) but allowing the foot to have some room in case the shadow gets cut off, for example). But image wise, the face and body are more consistent, which is good. The blue (flame?) is a little confusing... what's the white space on either side of it, around the guitar neck?

    the portrait is a REALLY nice solution to the problem. Really smart * well designed. Good job with that!

    only complaint? please please please stop signing the front of the work. its really distracting. (but seriously, you want to get in the habit of leaving that off the front, because different clients will have different rules for how that works & in general, you want to be able to use the image for as many uses as possible. But also because your professional signature will likely change in time and you don't want to date an otherwise timeless piece with something like that. If you NEED it be on there, try sizing it down a lot more, or cleaning it up so its more designed and less squiggly).


    1. Sorry about the signatures. It's sort of a habit I'll have to break. It's become a reflex hahaha. Thank you for your feedback as well.