Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talia's Research Day

As is mentioned in the other post, I was having some technical difficulties with the blog, and Valerie was kind enough to let me use her account to upload.

For my project I'm designing a poster series aimed at children for the Baltimore Zoo.

The animals I'm considering:
Giraffes - for a small fee zoo guests are allowed to go and feed the giraffes.  It's quite cute, actually, so I'll probably include a depiction of this in my poster
various birds
cheetahs - they have this cheetah event once a day (which unfortunately I missed) where they lead the cheetah into this glass box thing that's really up close to the audience.
Frogs - they had some frogs in a glass case that's a perfect eye level for small children.
After much adventuring and tomfoolery at the zoo, I went home and gathered some reference pictures for the various animals I intend to draw at different angles.
There weren't many people there (then again, on a Tuesday in September that's not surprising).  I'll have to stop by again on a Saturday so I can get some reference pictures of parents and children.

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