Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Michael Jackson Caricature and Portrait

Sumi Ink

Pen and Ink

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  1. valerie-- these are really nice-- good solution to the problems from last week. good job! the portrait is lovely and i think, thematically appropriate. the caricature... could you work with the composition a little? his finger being so close to the edge (in the bleed) and his head being cut off just at the top, just a little, is tricky visually.His feet also-- if the bottom open edge of the cloud is the beginning of a border, are really close to the edge too. What's happening with the faint grey squiggle coming out of the bottom cloud and around the top right side of the piece? If you're debating adding that grey around more and having more white, but un-outlined clouds-- i'd say go for it. I think that would help!

    good job taking and working with feedback!