Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lady Gaga- Caricature + Portrait


  1. acacia-- your caricature is great! very recognizable & clear. the only thing you might think about is the background-- its a little thin. You might, at least, take the color all the way to the border, instead of doing the halo thing.

    the portrait could use some clarity-- i think the halo there works much better and the softness is nice (pastel)? But I'd work on the likeness a little more-- without the top image I wouldn't know who it was meant to be. Also, watch the face becoming too mask-like and the breasts being too "stuck on".


    1. Thanks, Dana! The portrait has been giving me issues, and I'm planning on leaving it and coming back in a day or two with fresh eyes. I definitely see what you mean with the face and breasts.