Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The two Burnt Sienna ones aren't the colors that they will be in the end.
quiet: This is the earth and the moon in space, i figured space is very quiet. I think it will feel more like that once i finish the black tiles and put some stars in the black.
The rest of the black tiles will be filled in, possibly with stars.


  1. I feel like i'm the thief and the cobbler running through an MC escher painting. these are really interesting, i'd choose vast and quiet for two of the finals.

  2. My favorites are deadly and vast. I'm a little confused with quiet, but perhaps it will make more sense once it's filled in. Simple doesn't really work for me, color-wise. I don't know why, so I can't really give any advise as to what to do to fix it, but it looks off to me. I think there could be more objects in intimate, as well. Maybe a dresser or two nightstands.

  3. These are kinda trippy, but in a good way. They are interesting. I think the ones i like best are vast, and quiet/deadly. I think intimate feels like something is missing or maybe it needs a shift in color, I can't really say what.

  4. Because of the black and white tiles, each image is pretty complicated. So the simple and quiet ones are more complicated comparing to the themes... But I like the image of each of them.. Especially, vast, quiet, deadly. Those images are very well rendered and the melancholy color really works.

  5. Nice concepts collaborating with tiles. But since you put the tile as sort of main theme, its hard to me to conceive simple and quiet ones as its original concepts. I like deadly and vast one.

  6. very abstract the one I find doesn't work that well though is the simple painting. It does not really come off as simple to me

  7. vast: nice, do you plan on using only red tones though
    simple: I'm not sure if this can be fixed but in the corner at the back the walls touch similar colored squares
    quiet: I would definitely add stars
    intimate: I like how it's in red but I'd also try and use some violet
    deadly: I really like the surreal look and the bleak crimson red in the background
    you're missing cluttered

  8. Cool tiles, and great work taking on this theme so abstractly!
    I'm a big fan of vast and deadly because they seem to embody their words the best. After reading the concept of quiet I think it works too.

  9. These are definitely some of the more interesting takes on the themes. Vast is probably my favorite due to the desolation. The crevasse really helps to give this some real depth as it recedes back into the space. Deadly is executed (heh) really uniquely. Lovin' the texture of the brush strokes. Quiet would have to be my third, though on concept alone.

  10. Very good drawings - are these your start on final images?

    Vast - Your perspective is working well, but I would mess with your horizon line a bit to make the sky or ground more massive - right now they're competing evenly for space.

    Simple - The pattern might be making this a little too complicated. I like the checkered theme you have worked in to all of these, so maybe pare it down to four squares, two black and two white?

    Quiet - I think this will look quiet once your tiles are filled in, like you said.

    Intimate - The idea is intimate, but not the composition. It feels cold because the focus is on that enormous wall and not on the "love" bed.

    Deadly - This works well, especially with the colors.

  11. I love the graphic quality and colors you are using as well as the repetition of the grid throughout all the pieces, the only one I have a problem is is quiet, though you explained it to us the piece doesn't look right off the bat like an environment, maybe have the planets solid and just the background as a grid? Nice job!

  12. Vast Simple and Deadly are the ones i would pick to do finals on.

    1- interesting content and still communicates well, i like the checkerboard sky
    2- communicates very well and the checkers make the chair pop
    3- at first glance it doesnt really look like the earth and moon, so make that a little more clear
    4-i think the bed could maybe be in a different position in the room to help the composition
    5-i like the painting technique in the background and this if very deadly

  13. Excellent theme!

    Though I love punny sorts of things, in this case I prefer "Vast" and "Quiet" over "intimate" and "deadly." You've got a lot of potential in this style, and I think it's working best with more serious-ish subjects.

  14. Quiet, vast, and deadly are my favorite. I agree with your post regarding quiet. I'm really excited to see it finished. I like your checkerboard theme, it was an interesting, and successful way to help illustrate the words.

  15. I see your excellent kitchen the other week got you in the mood for checkers. The checker board thing works in some places (deadly maybe? or intimate?) but doesn't add to the viewing experience in others. Often your patterning just comes across as a way to fill up space and avoid the assignment. I think it would be better to leave the checkers unfinished on quiet, they make it sorta predictable and without space for the viewer to breathe. deadly, intimate, and vast seem to have the most atmosphere and scene included but I think intimate could steer a little away from hearts and a little more towards strewn sheets and crumpled clothes also a few more objects or furniture. You tend to focus on one object and then but amorphous colors and patterns around it. Your cut paper kitchen was great, don't be afraid to set the scene. good luck!

  16. the theme makes these pieces unique and add character to the idea of environments. i like vast simple and quiet the best

  17. simple intimate and deadly are the ones I would choose. I don't know if I could honestly say that the quiet one reads well because without your description I would not have been able to guess it. Cool use of checkerboard pattern to make your settings tie together.