Friday, March 26, 2010

Justin Schmidt: Environment Sketches

final 6 sketches...

sorry its a photo, its too large for my scanner, and for some weird reason blogger doesn't let me upload my scanned images, i don't know why this is so.

plus i was planning on showing it in class, which is also why they're all on one paper.

5''x5'' pencil and micron


  1. My favorite out of all of these is "deadly" b/c of the perspective and the lighting. I can imagine a jolt of electricity coming from the bathtub and I like that the bathtub is its own character w/ the feet. I think that one does the best job at setting a mood.
    I like the concept of vast being indoors but I keep wanting it to be panned out more so that I can see more of the room. Maybe if the angle of the wall was pushed even more or there was a view of a hallway or more of the floor, it would give even more of a sense of vastness.

  2. I agree with nicole about dangerous, it's so surprising and really a little unsettling. I also really like intimate, but i feel like there is almost too much extra wall, and the environment would really benefit from being really close, and we could tell it was a closet because of the hangers.

  3. I'm liking deadly, vast, and quiet the most. I like those 3 because the use of space and light to create mood seems most considered in them. These are all really nice Justin. Can't wait to see what the finished pieces look like.

  4. I'm liking deadly, intimate and vast the best. I agree with Michelle that you could really play with the "intimate" factor more, looking at different compositions, more indicators. for "vast" , I think it's almost there - I like that it's playing with the idea of a confined space as vast, but the angle needs to be worked a little more so that comes across. Otherwise, great job!