Friday, March 26, 2010

Nicole Mueller: environment sketches

Here are my was a little hard for me to do them in pencil because I was thinking of doing some small paintings for the final that really focused on color (thinking of Bernie Fuchs as inspiration). Seeing some of the landscapes in b&w they don't seem as interesting to me, and I was afraid some of my ideas might be too unoriginal. But anyways here they are:


I had 2 for vast

quiet and deadly

intimate and cluttered


  1. i feel as if "intimate", "quiet" and the top one of "vast" are your strongest pieces. I say so because you mentioned really wanting to use color to suggest mood. the intimate one has really great potential for this, even in black and white i can see it.

    i dont think the other ones work as well simply because its hard to make out whats happening. and since there's no concise "place" etc. i feel as if color will take a back seat to the place looking like the place.

  2. I actually really like the more canyon view of "vast", but i think those two are both really strong. Intimate could really beautiful painted, it works even as a simple pencil drawing, but i think cluttered is a little lacking, it's hard for me to understand a little bit. Maybe for "simple" the composition could be imroved by simply like panning so we see more wall, and the shair is in the left corner?

  3. I agree with other people. I love intimate and it can be really strong piece in color. I would say intimate, and one of the vast. both of vasts are nice and both of them can be successfully done. but I personally like top one b/c it has more sky(open space) so it feels more vast.

  4. Nicole, these are all really awesome. I find myself gravitating towards your second vast piece, intimate, and quiet the most though. I think those pieces will translate best to color because you've to have figured out a clear light source.

  5. I agree - Intimate, quiet, and the top one of vast are your best ones. the quiet one is great - with the long shadows casting that indicate that the sun is going to go down soon - that equals quiet or serene to me. I think the vast one could be really awesome - I like the first one because it shows the peaks, and there's nothing like standing there looking at mountain peaks to think of "vast."