Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Environment As Character

Jee-Shaun Wang

Here are all 6 of my babies: vast, quiet, intimate, deadly, simple and cluttered (in that order):


  1. Quiet, intimate, and cluttered are my favorites. Your intimate is unusual, but effective. I'd be interested to see how you handle the light-source in cluttered. Great ideas for the others too. Your detail in vast is amazing!

  2. my favorites are vast, intimate and cluttered. I really love the detail in vast and cluttered. nice moose heads haha or deer? The others are good too, but personally I like details. good work

  3. vast: show some diversity in the roof tops
    quiet: I'd kind of like to see it at a different angle and maybe with a tumble weed
    intimate: maybe a closer view of the furniture
    deadly: again, maybe have the ship in the foreground, make it bigger
    simple: push it further: simpler chair (stool), maybe no typewriter (the bare essentials)
    cluttered: this is kind of dark, but if you're going with a hunter theme maybe more animal trophies, just litter the room with animal corpses

  4. Aesthetically, I like the intimate, vast and cluttered the best. They all have a nice composition but the one thing that bothers me about the intimate piece is the height of the walls. I think you should zoom in a little on the furniture. The quiet one seems a little awkward to me because it looks like the house is floating. I would enjoy simple more if it was shaded a bit more. Deadly also seems a bit confusing to me at first glance. I can tell what it is, but it took a little while for me to read it.

  5. I like Vast, deadly, and cluttered. Overall you have strong composition and interesting elements in the pieces, but among them those three are best. In the vast one, you have amazing roof patterns and perspective. In deadly, overall atmosphere works well and it reminds me of epic story. In the cluttered one, it just fits perfectly to the theme. I just wish that you could have less deer heads and black bottles.

  6. These all look really solid as sketches - I think you're really using a technique and style that serves you well. Here are my comments on each of them individually.

    Vast - A very ambitious idea for "vast" - that's a lot of roof space to try to do vastly! I don't know if I quite feel the amount of space I associate with something vast quite yet, though - my first thought was "cluttered". It's almost there - I think it just needs some smaller rooftops in the background - maybe extending all the way up to the top of the page?

    Quiet - Very quiet, very successful. You might not even need that horizon line at the top.

    Intimate - A very good choice of environment, but the focus on the massive wall (as lovely as the wall is) takes "intimate" out, I think. Intimate is linked with closeness, and I wouldn't try to fight that. I would zoom way in.

    Deadly - I like the choice, and color might help with this one to make it look more deadly - but consider varying the size of those whirlpools, too? Irregularity might be more unsettling.

    Simple - I would pare this down to just one cubicle, to keep it simpler. So, zoom in a little, again.

    Cluttered - Very successful, cluttered and cozy.

  7. cluttered, intimate and vast/deadly. cluttered is working the best because you have good contrast and the perspective issues in all of the pieces are somewhat less noticeable there. I love the textures and imagination with which you treated your subjects but the inconsistencies in perspective are an unfortunate distraction, perhaps some reference would not be amiss. After looking at real life you could go back in for embellishments and style. This is a good assignment to go crazy with textures, just your cup of tea.

  8. Interesting take on intimate. I really enjoy vast, you captured that really well. All of your environments really are unique. I like vast, cluttered, and simple the best.

  9. cluttered, intimate, vast ones are my favorite. They look really cool in terms of the composition, idea, and rendering. IT wows me when I saw the vast piece. The patterns on the roof really catches my eyes. How much time did you spend to draw this? Also the papers in the cluttered one is very well drawn. Very nice

  10. wow

    vast intimate and cluttered.

    all of them work really well for the word, and are drawn awesomely.

    Vast must have drove you insane but its perfect.

  11. Vast and Cluttered rock so hard.

    I don't know if I'd call Intimate intimate, but it's hilarious.

    I'm sure these will change a lot in a different medium, but they have a personality that I hope you keep.

  12. Excellent job! Be careful with quiet and simple because to me they could work as each other.

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  14. i love cluttered, intimate, and vast. in each one there is so much attention on all the details, it is really well done. they are so consistent for the amount of detail, especially in vast and cluttered. well done

  15. these are awesome! my favorites are vast quiet and simple. you have a very unique aesthetic thats consistent in all of these peices. im excited to see which ones you end up choosing and what they will look like in color. i dont really have any suggestions for you. good job man