Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Technical Difficulties: Resolved

Here are my six sketches (finally). Again, I apologize they're a little late, but my scanner was fighting tooth and nail the whole way.


  1. these are interesting, its really clear which is which. I think I would go with intimate and vast, I'm not sure which one I'd pick for the third.

  2. I like simple, vast, cluttered. I like the weird composition of the first one. Also, I like the narrowness of cluttered one! It's all well drawn

  3. the perspectives are interesting, I think the bottom hammock piece the way it is tied to the tree at the angle its at is wierd tho

  4. Simple, intimate, and quiet for me. The hammock was an excellent idea and the perspective on intimate really stresses the mood. Great work.

  5. My favorites are simple, quiet and vast. The composition in the simple one is very unique, I like it a lot. Intimate seems a bit warped to me, but that may have been on purpose?

  6. Simple Vast and Quiet

    Simple interprets the word in a less direct way

    Quiet: a hammock gives me the feeling of relaxing and sleeping in a quiet area. I also love the composition and cropping.

  7. I like deadly a lot too actually, not too direct but that world seems unpleasant.

  8. I like simple, vast and quiet one. But I think you can show more part of simple one because it is now seems bit squeezed in a uncomfortable way. Nice job with vast one! It reminds me of gigantic grand canyon. Simple one work really well in a ironic way with skull on the bar.

  9. my favorites are simple, vast and deadly

    1-it communicates easily and has a nice composition
    2-this is drawn really well and has a really good perspective
    3- the perspective is a little off but with a little tweaking i think this could be a really interesting image
    4- its sort of hard to tell where this takes place but it definitely looks cluttered
    5-this my favorite. i like the abstract spike things coming out of the ground
    6-the hammock is a good object to use for quiet. maybe show the other tree to the right of the hammock?

  10. simple: nice, I really like it
    vast: good but kind of obvious and generic
    intimate: change the angle to have both chairs fully in the frame
    cluttered: eh, can't think of much to say
    deadly: maybe more spikes and make them sharped
    quiet: I'd add some leaves to the tree (it sort of implies a windy cool day without them but that just may be me)

  11. I really love your compositions across the board, I think cluttered could use more recognizable objects and not just various sized boxes. I think intimate should be tilted straight up, the angle is a little distracting. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  12. My favorites are Quiet, Intimate, and Deadly, but it's a really close call. Those pointy things in deadly are super-cool, but perhaps if you used that sort of line quality elsewhere a different piece would be top-3.

    I like the subtle use of a theme here, that's probably my favorite quality about these.

  13. deadly, cluttered and quiet are my favorites, but for quiet i wish the tree had more life. deadly had really good movement and cluttered was well handled

  14. Very good drawings, sorry that your scanner was causing you problems! Some of these rectangles instead of squares, so see if you can rework those compositions finals.

    Simple - Good idea, and good composition.

    Vast - Looks really good so far, maybe you just need to extend that sky way up, it'll fix the square problem and add to the vastness.

    Intimate - A good intimate, if a bit strange. I would add a few more details, and instead of extending this one, maybe crop it down so that it's a square closer to the table.

    Cluttered - Crop this one down into a square, and add some more boxes on the floor to increase the cluttered look.

    Deadly - The mark and environment of this one is well on its way to being deadly - you just have to crop it into a square.

    Quiet - This is working really well, I would extend it on the right side.

  15. I really enjoy deadly, vast, and simple. I especially love deadly, you did a great job making the environment look menacing.

  16. vast intimate and quiet all seem to be more intelligently composed and have more charm. The other three don't see to really hold together very well at the moment.