Tuesday, March 23, 2010

quiet, simple, vast, intimate, deadly, and cluttered


  1. These are so different than I thought when you told me haha. I really like them. My favorites are most definitely Vast, Deadly, and Cluttered. It's a good concept. I think you could do a lot with color too, if you choose to use it.

  2. these are really interesting. i love the perspective in the bottom one and the slide in the other one has quite the personality to it. maybe do a little more rendering on the swings if you choose them for the final.

  3. These are very well rendered. I can see the effort you put on it. My 3 best images are Vast, Deadly, and Cluttered. Concepts of them are clear and compositions are interesting. One thing is that for the Deadly one, I would like to see dark areas inside the slide to make it more dramatic.

  4. Quiet and simple are a little too similar to my liking. Vast is a really interesting concept, as is intimate. Deadly is pretty awesome, too. I think if you pushed the values like you did in cluttered these could be more informative for the viewer to understand the moods of each piece.

  5. Why'd you go with an all playground theme?
    quiet: given the theme of all you drawings it doesn't stand out
    simple: have only one swing
    vast: maybe cut away more to make it look bigger
    intimate: I don't really get it
    deadly: yes! It's so horrible and I love it
    cluttered: pretty good

  6. These are interesting works! I like simple, deadly, and cluttered one the best. I think if you put color wisely, it would be really interesting piece! All compositions and perspectives works well here. nice job!

  7. Super clear sketches, a really good job on all of these as drawings.

    Quiet - A little too "standard". You can play with perspective and zoom to increase the feeling of quiet, right now straight on and full-frame it feels normal volume.

    Simple - Well framed, well done.

    Vast - A very cute take on vast, I would push it a little further and try to get some smaller tendrils of monkey-bars further in the background.

    Intimate - I don't see what's intimate about this yet, I think it needs more specific and close detail to tell us what's going on.

    Deadly - Perfect - hilarious and painful.

    Cluttered - Not there yet. Try to criss-cross some extra bars here and there to really congest the image.

  8. I absolutely love the complex playground design and the deadly picture is perfect and funny

  9. I laughed at deadly, its straight to the point and hilarious. That would not be a fun slide.

    Cluttered has an awesome composition and perspective.

    And I think simple for the third one.

  10. What a great idea; those slides get pretty expressive. Simple, deadly, and cluttered are the strongest pieces but vast has excellent movement. The supports look slightly off kilter in simple and the shape for the opening on the deadly slide is neat but confusing, without a little more shading or definition it just becomes a weird shape at the end of the tube. Also, in deadly, be careful that you keep the slide round all the way down, it flattens out a bit on the curlicue thingy. looks good, good luck.

  11. Quiet, simple, and deadly are my favorites. Deadly made me laugh out loud! I think that simple could be made more simple if you only had one swing.

  12. I like how you stuck to a theme of amusement and rides in all of them. It makes me want to go and swing and then jump on the monkey bars. Deadly is really funny, maybe that is just me. Anyway, I think that cluttered, deadly, and vast are the best. Great job.

  13. Awesome! They're really dynamic and have great linework. I'm not so sure you even really need any other rendering, as the lines are so strong on their own. I really like the simpler swingsets at the top, and "deadly" is pretty sweet.

  14. I LOVE deadly. That's really hilarious...or morbid I guess, depending on how dark your sense of humor is. Cluttered is really succesful. Simple is fantastic though. I don't know why, but something about it just really connects with me.

  15. these all look like they take place in an amusement park or something. its really cool how you comunicated all of your ideas. my faves are deadly and simple.

    1-looks quiet but very similar to simple
    2- communicates really well and the composition is nice
    3- not really sure what this is saying... but it looks like some sort of roller-coaster
    4- not really sure what this is saying either, but maybe its intimate? idk how but they look like monkey bars
    5- this one is sooo good i love the way you communicated you idea. its really funny
    6-the perspective in this one is really cool and everything is rendered really well

  16. simple deadly and cluttered are my choices! Damn, I think you won the best "deadly" drawing. Yea, you did. Some of the other ones are just a bit too abstract.