Tuesday, March 23, 2010









  1. These are all really well done, I don't have any criticism of them. I really love the beach, mountains, and the trees.

  2. these are interesting, its really clear which environment each one represents, but my favorites would probably be, the picnic, the beach chair and its a tie between the tv one and the graveyard.

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  4. Quiet: Dead people are very quiet so that works well. I like how this is drawn too, very cute as always, good job matt.

    Vast: its a nice landscape. nice rocks.

    Simple: DO THIS ONE! this is back in time before the eskimo I assume?

    Intimate: awesome. Your trees are nice.

    Deadly: I'm not a fan of this one. I guess the trees are dead.

    CLuttered: I really enjoy this one.

  5. It's very neat! I really like simple, intimate, cluttered ones. Each concept is clearly shown in each image, and I can't wait to see the color ones of these! Also nice perspective.

  6. I esspecailly love the way trees and mountains are drawn, I also find your dangerous piece a very funny interpretation

  7. I agree with Sean, the graveyard works really well for quiet. I also like the intimate one, it's such a classic idea but no one ever does it anymore. I also like cluttered because I think I lot of college kids can relate!

  8. Its really clean and well handled! I think vast, simple, and intimate the best. They are really works well with perspective. Especially intimate one really makes me want to go to picnic!

  9. These are great. Personally, vast, intimate, and simple strike me the most. The detailing is especially impressive, yet works well with your style. For "vast", maybe a longer landscape composition would work best, and it would be easy to just extend it in one direction to give more of a sense of scale.

  10. quiet: pretty good
    vast: I'd show the river getting narrower
    simple: I'd make the shadow a little darker
    intimate: nice, I'd think about losing the road
    deadly: emphasize the fog and definitely have it as night
    cluttered: I'd have the keyboard and mouse buried beneath the bottles

  11. These are really nice and concise, I feel if you zoomed in on intimate more it could be stronger and at this point deadly doesn't seem very...deadly, emphasize the mist and maybe put in a scull or something indicating its not a good place to be?

  12. These are wonderfully clean. They have a lot of personality while keeping a graphic style. I'd say my favorites are Simple, Intimate, and Cluttered, because they feel a bit more fun, as if (and I may be wrong here) those were the ones you really wanted to do. Excellent work.

  13. Very good sketches, all very clear!

    Quiet - This is looking good, but could be a little bit more quiet compositionally. Since you chose a graveyard, turn the camera around slightly so that we're focused more on the closest graves.

    Vast - This is working really well, very good job layering the environment.

    Simple - This is very effective.

    Intimate - This is almost there - but I would add some details to the picnic basket! An idea of what's inside could only add intimacy.

    Deadly - I'm not sure if this is deadly yet - I can see it as a little bit spooky, but nothing overtly threatening yet.

    Cluttered - This is going well so far, you could add a bit more, but I think the messiness of the bottles is already putting a lot of clutter into the viewer's eye.

  14. i like vast simple and cluttered. they are very neat detailed and to the point so they work well to express the idea

  15. I really enjoy all of these. If id have to choose, i would go with simple, quiet, and either intimate or cluttered. I kind of want to see a splatter on the television screen, but feel free to disregard it.

  16. cluttered, simple, and intimate seem to have to most potential for being awesome. everything is clean and nice and simple is incredibly pleasing. They could almost be coloring book pictures. Cluttered could show a little more of the room and you may as well get as much crazy shit in there as possible, I am thinking you couldn't go wrong with clothing hanging off the tv or just more stuff clustered on top. good luck

  17. quiet and simple and intimate and cluttered. The line work for the beach scene is looking really good and I think is working the most for me. Cluttered is pretty cluttered but it could be even more so, you know? Make the whole scene look smelly!