Friday, March 26, 2010

Some of the sketches are more developed than others. I started my actual pieces a little before working on them. The desert piece is a mess but itll look really good in the final. The sand will be more intricate and neat and the flower and sky will be painted. The sunset idea for vast is shit also. I couldnt really think of a good one. the quiet and deadly sketches are the same scene but done very differently in the end.


  1. Dude, I'm really liking the cluttered and intimate compositions, but I'm having trouble reading the rest of these. I think that one thing you should look out for, that I myself struggle with when brainstorming, is considering the space in it's entirety. It seems like, with the exclusion of your cluttered piece, you have a tendency to place everything in the middle and backgrounds without changing the camera angle. I think you should mix it up a bit more, and try to create more dynamic compositions. Maybe that's a personal bias though, in terms of the kind of work that I enjoy seeing.

  2. I totally agree with Brandon - I like the cluttered and intimate compositions - and I can see where the desert one is going, and I think it can be really successful if you find a way to make it more dynamic. I think this is a good opportunity to work in your love of patterns and intricate details - just be careful that the sand texture doesn't overwhelm the desert one.