Friday, March 26, 2010

Michelle sketches

Here are my sketches, I never got the assignment sheet so I missed out on some details, so I think these sketches aren't quite as finished as you would have liked them, sorry! Also they aren't quite the size requirement? Im not sure if you wanted each image to be exactly square or?

the order is
and the last 2 are both cluttered


  1. 1st i don't know where quiet is.

    I think your first attempt at clutter could be successful as a finished piece. providing value is paid attention to correctly. Intimate and vast does their job also.

    Dangerous is kinda shaky for me, i wouldn't read it as that if you didn't put a title next to it.

  2. oops, I forgot it, fixed up now!

  3. I actually think the ones that aren't square work better than some that do. The layout you chose for vast and cluttered #1 seem appropriate for the words - vast being long & panoramic and cluttered being narrow and vertical. It feels much more condensed while the second cluttered feels more open. Some of the others are a little hard to read or connect to the word they're illustrating but I think it's just because of the clarity of the sketch.

  4. I like vast, dangerous, and cluttered (narrow one. I agree with Nicole that some of the layouts fits well with the concept and it wouldn't be successful as much if they are just square. I personally love dangerous because it has story in it and it has potential if you can pull it out with nice and appropriate color.

  5. Michelle, I'm liking quiet, dangerous, and your first cluttered piece the most. I think the amount of information you have in quiet and cluttered definitely imply those words. With dangerous, I think the way that you paint and the colors you choose could create a very unsafe sensation. Like including that horrible glaze of orange than engulfs the streets and sky of Baltimore every night.

  6. I'm not sure I really understand the first two, but I am liking vast, dangerous, and the first one of cluttered. I think if you really amped up the "cluttered" factor, that it could work really well. I agree with brandon as well - think the dangerous one could work really well, but you would need to use the colors to really emphasize that, with oranges and dark colors, etc. I am on the fence about the vast - it seems to be a little cliche seeing as a few people have it for vast, but I think the panoramic view could work really well.