Tuesday, March 23, 2010

environment as a character

order : clutter, deadly, intimate, quiet, simple, vast

by A Shin


  1. Wow. These are all really great, I can't think of anything to say that would help you improve them. My favorites are vast, intimate, and clutter.

  2. i have no constructive criticism, they're all really good. i'm not sure which you should use for the finals either for the same reason, but my personal favorite is the house.

  3. These are awesome. I wouldn't change anything. My personal favorite is the one with the house and tree. The other two i really like is quiet and vast.

  4. Aehyun! I can really see your best efforts here :) good job overall. Its hard to choose but i would say deadly, intimate and cluttered. So nice job with the details and textures overall!

  5. Wow, these are excellent. I really enjoy "deadly", as seems to be the consensus. "Quiet" and "vast" would have to be my runners-up. Great job, though.

  6. cluttered: I sort of get it with the leaves falling, I guess that's cluttered
    deadly: nice, maybe some more damage to the house
    intimate: I sort of wonder how that shape could exist in nature like that
    quiet: I associate this the stone walls with an echo (though that's just me)
    simple: tone down the light
    vast: it's good and I'd like to see it in color

  7. I really like these I especially like the ones with interesting perspective

  8. Beautiful sketches, all very clear and well thought out.

    Clutter - Close, but not quite yet. I think you need to push it a little further than just flower petals/leaves - right now they read as a pattern, which, while pleasing, isn't really cluttered. You need to vary shapes, sizes, and distances to give us a more congested image.

    Deadly - I really enjoy this as an image, and the shapes you used to emphasize deadly. You could consider pushing that a little further - spikier, maybe overall darker, but it's well on the right track.

    Intimate - I'm not sure about this one...I like the frame, and I like the idea, but I'm not sure if I'm looking through to a more standard environment, or if I'm looking at a (drawing of a) picture.

    Quiet - A tunnel? A well? It's a bit foreboding...quiet, as well, though.

    Simple - Very nice, very well executed.

    Vast - A good use of perspective on the water, nice and vast.

  9. Cluttered, vast, and quiet are my favorites. Cluttered is nice because you used natural elements istead of human clutter. I also think if you wanted to, your well could get deeper and pass for vast too. ;)

  10. THese are all awesome.

    my favorites are Deadly Quiet, and Intimate

  11. I really enjoy all of these. I too am a little confused by intimate, it looks more like a heart picture frame than a setting to me and the lamp post in quiet seems a little too empowering for me. Aside from that I think you did great :)

  12. There's some really nice stuff going on in these, specifically deadly, quiet, and vast. The heart simplification of the idea of intimacy bothers me and I wasn't quite sure what was going on in simple but it seems as if your objects have just been turned into characters instead of the scene itself conveying a mood. Deadly has fantastic movement and drama, quiet is lovingly textured, and vast was pretty standard but well done.

  13. Great sense of motion. Really powerful stuff here. I'm not so sure these should be in any medium but pencil. I can't decide which ones I prefer, though "intimate" does seem a little bit like a copout.

  14. Deadly, vast, and quiet are my favorite. I think you did a great job with all of them.

  15. vast deadly and intimate are my favorties

    1- interesting composition and definitely looks cluttered
    2- one of my favorites- well rendered and the perspective is awesome
    3- the heart works really well with the composition and it communicates very nice. the vines are well rendered
    4-well drawn and looks quiet
    5- the light post looks kinda weird but the composition it pertty good
    6-this ones really nice i like the reflections in the water

  16. the sketches are very well done and the compositions work well for each word. vast, deadly and quiet are my favorites. The motion a and detail used work really well in all of these pieces

  17. I definitely think: deadly, intimate and quiet. They are all really well done, but I think that the ones i mentioned are closest to the themes you gave them. I especially like the treehouse, nice mix of textures and all that jazz.