Friday, February 26, 2010

Revenge of the kittens..........

This is my assignment: Cute kitschy animals in action. In watercolor.
This was really hard for me to start and sketch out, as I am terrible at making things look cute... I had to spend a lot of time redrawing and trying to un-creepify it. But I kind of had fun with the watercolor after a while... I didn't hate it as much as I thought. It also doesn't hurt that I referenced possibly the cutest puppy in the universe.
I think it could use more contrast though now that I see it on the screen.


  1. I wanted assignment just like this!! cute kittens and watercolor....
    I think you captured the cuteness of kittens and the puppy pretty well. compositionally too, just pile of kitties also works for the subject. I wish I could see more define line in the edges of the objects just little bit, or contrast like you said.

  2. I think this piece works really well. I would like to see a little more definition in the kittens. Maybe just the same as the puppy.

  3. haha i think this is still a little creepy!
    I think maybe if you had used less black for shading things would be lighter and "cuter" i guess?

  4. cute1 Good composition. I think the kittens should look a bit more devilish in the faces and fluffy but it looks good

  5. i think you're right about the contrast... darken the puppies nose, add a spot of white on it to make it shine, and make the cats eyes more evil. maybe even experiment with artificial lighting coming from underneath the cats. thats an end-all evil recipie right there.

    good piece !

  6. Hey I had this big long comment ready to post and my internet crapped out when I hit the button. Awesome.

    Long story short- I loved your sketch, you handled the watercolor really well. Love the saturation. Consider color penciling on top of some points to define some hairs/make things pop.

  7. Haha this image is hilarious, and I love the watercolor. The kittens are a little more creepy then cute though.

  8. hahahah
    oh my gosh, i love the kittens' evil eyes..poor, unsuspecting puppy..I think the cats look great, I kind of want to see more detail in the puppy though, like a really fine brush used to define hairs, like on that top strip of white on his back.