Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Lion and The Mouse

Sketches for The Lion and The Mouse

Anne L


  1. Anne, these look great! :) I like the improvements you made, good luck!

  2. Anne-- just a couple things.
    1.) what is happening in this 1st image? And is it necessary/ is there a way for us to see the lion trapped BEFORE we see him free? Perhaps starting on current image 2 and then new 2 can be him trapped w mouse clearly safe? And then 3 can stay the same? Im just wondering about pacing.
    2.) i think the REALLY well drawn elements are great (the last mouse, and the 1st lion in particular) but they are also making me want more from the 2nd and last lion... It just looks like your reference wasn't as good. if that isnt the case, maybe go back to it with just a little more time and energy to bring them all up to snuff.
    3.) I'd like a little less distance between them OR a little more connection between the two sets of rope/trap... something to let us know (without question) that the mouse chewed the lion free.
    4.) in the 2nd one, im a little unclear about the background... i think if you want it to be totally flat and have only the animals be "real", that needs to be the style throughout, or it'll be lopsided. Conversely, i think that image could be reworked a little anyway, so that might solve the issue itself.