Friday, October 7, 2011

The Little Mermaid




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  1. lila-- the drawings are beautiful-- very nice. Some thoughts about image clarity, for you... remember that most people know this story as its been Disneyfied ( or otherwise cleaned up) so you need to be a little clearer with your characters and sort of reinvent the way they are depicted so we arent expecting "ariel" and "eric" as we know them.
    1.) who's who? What clues can you add that give us a sense of "good guy v bad guy" with the female characters (mermaid looks a little... evil and less like the heroine, so its hard to tell what point we are entering the story/ what is wrong with the prince). It needs to be clearer who TLM is vs the sea witch etc.
    2.) again, who's who (color might fix this problem). Maybe showing the sea witch's knife might help?
    3.) is this meant to suggest that someone has died? She's supposed to kill the prince at the end, right? I'd like to see some indication that she's jumped into the water in protest.. her footprints leading to the surf maybe?