Friday, October 7, 2011

Beginning Middle End - Joe Maccarone


  1. The narrative of your story is super clear. The style you chose definitely fits the story. The way you depicted the nerd in the top image is especially great. I like the two teeth. The only thing I'm confused about is the middle image-is the "nerd" character working out and watching them from the window? the perspective is a little confusing

  2. Joe-- I agree with Kaitlin; the middle one is a little hard to make sense of (but would be an easy fix). In the last one, I would move everybody up a half inch or so, so they arent so close to the bottom or at risk of being cropped off. Additionally, I'd say if your top sketch shows your intentions with how you'll handle the line work or the priority of detail, that would work best (its easy to read)--- the other two seem to use the same lineweight throughout, which makes it harder to differentiate between foreground and background. Also, these are meant to be FINAL sketches, which means FULL range of value.

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