Friday, October 7, 2011

Princess and the Pea


  1. I really like how you included an archway in all three compositions because it really helps tie the images together. But make sure not to make the archway too close to the edge. overall it looks good!

  2. Lindy-- these are lovely. I would agree with michelle-- bring the archway down a teeny bit, so it isnt at risk of getting too close to the top edge. additionally, there's a lot of floor in the top and bottom image that don't NEED to be there... or could as least benefit from some cast shadow, so it feels more like a space and less like a design element.

    I might also consider adding some hint of the prince in the top two... even if its just something like scooting her up/back in space a little more in the top one and giving us the backs of thrones in the foreground (even in silhouette) so we know right off the bat that she is coming into a royal space.