Thursday, October 6, 2011


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  1. Lizzi--- Admittedly, I dont know this story (and I purposely didn't look it up, because I wanted to give you feedback on what your IMAGE is telling me and you can see if it matches up or not).
    1.) guy notices girl in a window (while another girl is jealous)
    2.) guy goes to court girl
    3.) guy leaves with girl.

    Here are questions I have-- who is the jealous girl (and does she really matter to the story and if so, does she show up elsewhere, because if she doesn't shes not that important); who is the guy with the cane and how are we supposed to feel about him and how can you show us that. and Lastly, how do we feel in the last frame? I feel like no one is happy about it...
    The Line work seems to indicate that the last image will be largely left side heavy, with the right side being sort of vague and blurry... that might not work well in final color. Conversely, the top image is ALL line of the same value, which makes it read flat. Remember, these are meant to be final sketches, which means ALL value range is shown. These are more like really nice rough sketches. I would figure out and add the value to these before you attempt color... it'll help.