Friday, October 7, 2011


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  1. ashley-- the pacing is GREAT and the layout/design of the pages is very strong. A few things to consider:

    1.) the princess has no real face-- remember, a final sketch should be "exactly" what you plan the final to be, so I would pin that down before you move to final. Same with the characters' hands... they can be vague or shadowed or blurry... but they shouldn't be mittens (that doesnt match the drawing quality of the rest of the image, so it seems weird). The trees are LOVELY! The clouds could stand to get even a teeny bit more stylized, if you like; but the setting overall is fantastic. And you could stand to push the value range a little more... give me BLACK blacks and WHITE whites.
    2.) who's in the tower with her? Is that a witch character? I would make her even nastier looking. ANd R's hair-- its still on her head or no? If yes, I'd make it look like its on a head still, and show the body. If not, then clarify it so we KNOW its not meant to be a head. I would also get reference for the prince and try to pin down his body language that much more. He's very dynamic in this pose, so making sure his limbs are the right length etc, will help it be that much more impressive/regal
    3.) this is beautiful. SHE looks awesome. He looks like his head lives in her world, but his body and arm/hand are from an anime world. Make him super sexy (using reference) so they look like they live in the same "world" so to speak. Real hand, real proportions etc, just like her.

    Good stuff.