Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi guys! I'm posting a WIP of my extra credit.
Feel free to crit and give suggestions!

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  1. hey lizzi-- its definitely better, but still not quite there. the dragon looks a LOT more "of his environment", but i'd revisit it to tweak a couple elements.

    1.) i think you can still push the value on the dragon the further back he goes into the cave... see that little halo of light on the stalagmite on the top right? i think that orange back there could be darker, and then lighter (still darker, but not as dark) as it gets closer to the front.

    2.) if you look at the whole image SMALL on the screen (and try to be objective about it), i think you'll notice what I mean--- the tone of the gold (value-wise) is weird under the dragon's chin and as it gets closer to the hero. Under the chin, it just doesnt look like his whole head's worth of weight is resting on it. i think if you even use yourself as reference and rest your head on your arm with your chin on the table, you'll see that there's a little more of a specific type of shadow thats cast--- contained, circular and dark under the chin, then thinner, stretched and lighter under the neck (with exposed light on either side) and then dark/concentrated again under the arm.

    3.) i still dont see the dragon as "glowing"... if you really want him to glow, I would suggest using a candle as reference and see what that does to the color of the walls etc. He still just looks golden, but not glowing.

    4.) last---color/tone-wise, i think the blue-dark color in the front shouldnt be the same as the blue-dark in the background. Again, this is color theory stuff... typically, the cooler the color the more it recedes (and warm would come forward). Its tricky here because your hero is in the dark cool and your dragon is in the dark warmth, so you need to figure out how to utilize the color appropriate to the space but also to the narrative (which in this case kinda contradict each other). So...... I would say, warm it up a little around the dragon and make the blues (your generic cave color), different for the far back wall, stalagmites and then the closer rock formations. Maybe use the same grey-ish tone you'v eput on your hero, or borrow from that color.

    good luck!