Friday, September 30, 2011



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  1. jackson-- i love the story. simple, clear, nicely paced. just a few suggestions-
    1.) i love his face and his smile, but the line above his mouth is very "moustache-y" and makes the age hard to read. I would either eliminate it entirely or just bring it in closer to his mouth so it only turns up a little, maybe a 1/4" on each side.
    2.) his proportions in the first image (and 2nd) also make it hard to read his age. i think in the first one, we could stand to either see less ceiling or to make sure that we KNOW the camera is below him looking up so he doesnt look too big for his own house. ANd in the 2nd image, he is as tall as the fridge, so he wouldn't need to climb on it... i would make the fridge bigger or him smaller and again, change the camera angle if you want to make that more epic than it is.

    otherwise, it looks great.