Friday, April 13, 2012

wednesday trip to kinko's (fedex)

On Wednesday I took the light rail to downtown to talk to someone about recreating a calendar, and how much all that was going to cost. First of all I think this is the cutest building I've seen in Baltimore yet, and it seemed unfortunate that it had to house a Kinkos. Anyway, my project is to create a calendar and I chose a bubble tea theme since that is one of the foods I crave most. Also bubble tea seems to be getting more and more popular, and I think it would be neat to create some collateral for a make-believe up-and-coming tea shop. I have a calendar, and I love the petiteness of it, as well as its style. It has a retro/old fashioned feel, and although bubble tea is generally associated with hip/modern Asian-ness, I feel that an American retro theme might be a refreshing change of pace. Below are images of the Kinkos, calendar, and an image I found online of the style I want to strive for. During my search I also found an existing bubble tea poster which I really liked. The quote that I received seemed a bit high -- at first she said $37, but that includes some things I didn't need: double sided color copies, and paper cutting. It's annoying that they would charge me for cutting paper. I think I will go to the MICA print shop; maybe their prices will be more competitive. Also I think I can get the cost down to about $20, which isn't bad for a one-off project.

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