Friday, April 13, 2012

Visit to the Ottobar

 For my semester project, I'd decided do design merchandise to accompany the release of a new EP by the band, Tides of Man. This would consist of album packaging, a t-shirt, and a tour poster. With the album cover fully designed, I needed ideas for the tour poster. I decided to go down to the Ottobar, a small club in Baltimore. There, the walls are covered in hundreds of different posters from various bands, including The White Stripes and Protest the Hero. After taking pictures, I was able to study them for various layout ideas, including band name positioning and where to list the dates and venues. It helped me decide, too, that I needed to leave some space on the poster for other supporting bands to be listed. Plus being in a space with live music helped re-inspire my work on the project.

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