Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today I used the day to visit a senior illustration major, Zach Montoya. He showed his work process to us and what he does on photoshop for doing landscapes. Zach did a demo of how he would approach a landscape and it was very helpful. Seeing what he did for each layer in Photoshop gave me a better understanding of how some art pieces in general in photoshop should be treated with. He demonstrated how to make presets for custom made brushes and how it creates texture to some of the environments he creates within his pieces. He showed us some short cuts in photoshop that would later benefit digital illustrators when they are in deadlines for concept art. I'm inspired now after looking at his work and from his work process on photoshop because before I didn't know how to approach the semester project. Zach advised that instead of creating just concept art for the characters, the environment are just as important if not more essential to the design of any game, book or story. So instead of creating just character designs of the main characters within my game, I'll include the environment and scenes within it also. I really want to work traditionally and finish it with photoshop because when looking at the works that I have created in the past up until now my pieces do not seem as appealing as I wished them to be. I haven't worked with acrylic for a very long time and I might try experimenting with it to get some of the textures Zach showed Dan and I. To see the process in Zach made while creating the environment that is produced below look at Dan's response.

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