Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ball Jointed Doll Working day

So for the past couple of months I've been working on creating a doll out of a character I designed several months ago, her name is Antoinette. This past Wednesday I've just been refining her features and getting her joints to work. I still have waayyyss to go because it's such a time consuming process. I've also been collecting TONS of reference material including clothing options from various designers, tutorials on how to make wigs and shoes and everything else that goes with constructing a doll from scratch.

Early Wednesday morning I decided that I didn't like her lips and ears so I just sorta shaved them off and now I'm starting from scratch again.

 I kind of wish I had taken before and after shots of her head that way others would be able to know the adjustments that I'm making, but I really wasn't thinking that far ahead, and although it hurts my pride here are some shots:

the inside of Antoinette's head cap. It's got a thick wire that holds the elastic which keeps her body strung together. I also attempted to put in magnets to keep her head closed but they were not strong enough. I'll just remove them and refill in the spots. 

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